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Location:United Kingdom Username:nKO1 Playing since:2003 Skills:
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Favorite Server:neXus#TDM Playernames used:URDADSDREAMBOI, extraneous`'nKO:>, iDeal`yOSHI!
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Im very open minded though my words can come across a lot harsher / stronger than intended. I refuse to ass lick anyone which can then force me to come across very toxic with the way i think / talk but strangely i'm actually a cool kinda guy. Always happy to help if respect is shown.

Started call of duty in 2003 the day of its release before Xfire was created using a program called The All Seeing Eye - this was the cod server list and player finder for 1.3/1.4. below are my main clans from the past years

Clans in v1.4/v1.5[/u]

Clans in v1.1
Mostly made my own, most of which was renamed due to either a clan clear out or sponsorship's.

fatBOYz (renamed to) iDeal - sponsored by idealgameserver
iDeal (renamed to) GTXgaming - sponsored by gtxgameserver
GTXgaming - shut down for clan cleanup
Brang to life Extraneous. Some of the best players in call of duty come together and formed probably one of if not the best team of that year.

Have joined a few clans in between but mostly through boredum from which i then opened

SiXONE which died as i was inactive.
now im active i am back with Extraneous aka [Ext.]