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Monica Zajcev

Location:Croatia (Hrvatska) Username:MonicaZajcev Playing since:2011 Skills:
Profile Views:5341 Screenshots:31 Topics:2 Posts:336
Has Server:Yes Is Modder:No
Favorite Server:all THiNK and Wy6 sniper, custom Playernames used:Monica Zajcev, THiNK#FAN ~Monica, Dovahkiin''
Favorite Weapons:Kar98k   Springfield Favorite Maps:Stalingrad   Tigertown
Last Server:No data available at the moment.
Stats Today:Hasn't played today. Stats Week:Hasn't played this week. Stats Total:15 Kills, 18 Deaths, Time Played: < 1 Hour
More Stats:View More Stats from MonicaZajcev | View Global Stats;feature=plcp

my first frag (rock)

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