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Location:Austria Username:stOned Playing since:2009 Skills:
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Favorite Server:^THiNK#GREEN'SD Playernames used:^THiNK#stOned, stOned, #1
Favorite Weapons:Kar98k   Mosin Nagant Rifle Favorite Maps:Harbor   Carentan
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^THiNK#GREEN'', a clan from austria

I've been playing cod for almost 6 years now. 5 years ago we got the idea to rent our own server and start the clan ^THiNK#GREEN. 6 friends and me were the first members. After many hours working and learning how to configure a server i want to say thank you to our member baseman for showing me how to edit servers. A big thanks goes to our member Alien too for his great work
Also a very big thanks goes to our member and admin Jona for his great mods and work!

Meanwhile im not active any more but i still have got both eyes on our community and servers, even if i dont show up. Im in the backround :)

If there is any question feel free to ask me, i promise that i answer!

peace out, stOned

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