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Location:Slovakia Username:pe1n Playing since:2010 Skills:
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Has Server:No Is Modder:Yes
Favorite Server:Crazy Harbor 4 lyfe Playernames used:tR Pe1n, DAITHI DE PEIN, _`pe1n~
Favorite Weapons:Kar98k Rifle   Mosin Nagant Favorite Maps:Harbor   Railyard
Last Server:No data available at the moment.
Stats Today:Hasn't played today. Stats Week:Hasn't played this week. Stats Total:92 Kills, 66 Deaths, Time Played: 1Hours
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FIFTI wrote:
i dont really kniwnwhar tonsay


I am Pein. Little nooby derp playing Call of Duty 1. I always had a kind of strange addiction to that game but the funny thing is I always will be noob in it. But let me continue in my introduction. So, through my CoD experience I used wide variety of nicknames before Pein and been in lot of good (and bad) clans. I always wanted to have some buddies to play around and I have been lucky and I met alot of great fellas. Sometimes I act cocky and I rage alot, but that's usual in gaming, right? But I want people to know me as kind, developing stuff and friendy person. But my buddies for life are $peCt (yes that crazy polak), FIFTI, bluR and Emy. I give mad respect these dudes cuz they all have something I respect alot on them.