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Favorite Server:=W=Rifles|B3 Playernames used:eQuinox Smiley, Wanted|Smiley,|smiley
Favorite Weapons:Mosin Nagant Rifle   Kar98k Rifle Favorite Maps:Harbor   Neuville
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&quot;People who say I can't and I can, are usually right&quot; It's about the mind set, where you place your faith. For if your faith is rooted in the rocks you will be picked at by the birds of prey, and drought will cause you to shrivel and die. But if you plant your faith in the nutrient enriched soil, where water is in abundance, and nourishment is plenty, you will grow strong and mighty, not just physically, but mentally as well. You won't just be respected, but loved. For if one can bring themselves to a higher standard of living, by helping others, he has gained meaning and purpose.

- Jesse Schlemmer