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Heyho to everyone who's reading this.
My name is Max aka schiepy and i'm from north-east Germany. I'm 20 years old playing CoD1.1 since i was like 10/11 years old, i can't remember exactly. ATM i study Mathematics, that's why i'm not able to play CoD1.1 as active as i would like to, because math is hard you know.
Nonetheless I played this game the last few days again and want to be active. Feel free to write me or ask for sub if i'm in some ts with you (like dvotx).

My clan-history is kinda short, because i like to stay pretty long in a clan. I was in a german 'newschool' clan, which was renamed quite often, before i tried to apply to d2lst4 ( at this time, d2 was already kinda dead and noone can remember my stay as it seems :D). After some friends left d2 i decided to apply to G$E. Eventho i was even worse at this time as i'm now, i was recruited by them, and i stayed there for like 2 or 3 years.

names I used: rexxiw, rexxiyoo, KentuckysFlyChicken, Maexelchen, skrawek,

names i use: schiepy, temeraire.

Thanks for reading this, see you ingame... :)