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Heyho to everyone who's reading this.
My name is Max aka schiepy and i'm from north-east Germany. I'm 21 years old playing CoD1.1 since i was like 10/11 years old, i can't remember exactly. ATM i study mathematics and that's why i wasn't playing cod1 actively, because i was busy studying. But i'll write my bachelor thesis next term, so i'll probably have some time to spend on cod1 again. That's why i'm searching a new team, so if you're interested, just pm me :).

My clan-history is kinda short, because i like to stay pretty long in a clan. I was in a german 'newschool' clan, which was renamed quite often, before i tried to apply to d2lst4 ( at this time, d2 was already kinda dead and noone can remember my stay as it seems :D). After some friends left d2 i decided to apply to G$E. Eventho i was even worse at this time as i'm now, i was recruited by them, and i stayed there for like 2 or 3 years.

names I used: rexxiw, rexxiyoo, KentuckysFlyChicken, Maexelchen, skrawek,

names i use: schiepy, temeraire.

Thanks for reading this, see you ingame... :)