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Location:Serbia Username:def1ance Playing since:2012 Skills:
Skype:fuck skype :DICQ:Revived? gg!Steam:defiii-
Profile Views:2961 Screenshots:69 Topics:17 Posts:695
Has Server:No Is Modder:No
Favorite Server:Depends. Which one do you prefer? Playernames used:eQ.def1, Ex6tenZ,
Favorite Weapons:Lee-Enfield   BAR Favorite Maps:Chateau   Carentan
Last Server:No data available at the moment.
Stats Today:Hasn't played today. Stats Week:Hasn't played this week. Stats Total:274 Kills, 171 Deaths, Time Played: 4Hours
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Number of times called cheater: 63
Honorable mentions:
-Rat (Accusing me for multihack even though he is cheater himself. ^_^)
-Farigeri (For calling me cheater for god knows how many times did he.)
-adampetike (Same as for Farigeri.)
-Osten Boel (For spamming 'Cheater!' for rare late join wins.)
-Some argentinian player.
-Kid named 'sniper' (for crying like a little baby and banning me from server ;))

and many more for calling me 'Hacker', 'Puto', 'Cheater' and etc.

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