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Location:Portugal Username:Perfect98 Playing since:2015 Skills:
Skype:marcelo_c98_1ICQ:GSC: Perfect98Steam:
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Has Server:Yes Is Modder:Yes
Favorite Server:Harbor and Brecourt Playernames used:SN!PER#PerfecT., PortugalxPerfecT., ~#PerfecT!:]
Favorite Weapons:Mosin Nagant   Kar98k Favorite Maps:Powcamp   Brecourt
Last Server:No data available at the moment.
Stats Today:Hasn't played today. Stats Week:Hasn't played this week. Stats Total:4231 Kills, 1929 Deaths, Time Played: 66Hours
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I hello my name is Marcelo Carvalho, I am 19 years old . My country is Portugal, In my free time out of school practice professional football ..

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