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Location:Greece Username:Lazzos Playing since:2007 Skills:
Skype:lazaros.karakousisICQ:wtf is this :PSteam:
Profile Views:4393 Screenshots:37 Topics:38 Posts:240
Has Server:Yes Is Modder:No
Favorite Server:Not specified. Playernames used:{HardCor3}LazZo$, Lazzos, Lazzos@BirdShooting!
Favorite Weapons:BAR   MP 44 Favorite Maps:Hurtgen   Rocket
Last Server:No data available at the moment.
Stats Today:Hasn't played today. Stats Week:Hasn't played this week. Stats Total:8002 Kills, 6142 Deaths, Time Played: 135Hours
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I ain't got time for wasting my time partner ^^

You can visit my clan's website we like it as simple as it is , feels like home to us :P you can see we dont have a forum we like to say our stuff in the guestbook here :


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