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Carentan - 14/10/20184rounds ;dyey xdI miss this server,so much funPolskaSpolecznosc(community)CoD1!!Almost nowAlmost nowAlmost nowAlmost nowAlmost nowmy best so farfun in pubhmm :dfz :dNew MapNew MapNew MapNew MapNew Mapismai come at meismai come at megg #2gg #1vir aw :d30 fps (Y)lol rap den = rapped izi burpyvs rAp denConnection between the real and his fan :PCarry some rounds with touchpad? Why not?Tommy never failsTodayTodayTodayTodayTodayBrain is out xDLucky day in Freezetag (I invite ya there)beat this :Dbeat this :Dcod1.4 folks having fun on zombie server :DA little bit of today.A little bit of today.
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