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mAed - Clan (mensch äger dich)

Uploaded 10 months ago by ^mAed.| knechtzOR "

Uploaded 10 months ago

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Uploaded: 10 months ago by ^mAed.| knechtzOR " (4 Screenshots)

Date: 10-02-2017 at 02:49 PM - 10 months ago

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just an average score? :P
Commented by iAG | Natiko!  (Oct 04th, 2017 10:03 PM)

Why iam not impressed? :D
nice ^^
Commented by synergy.Ismail  (Oct 05th, 2017 01:14 AM)

He probably just posted it because of duffye xD
Commented by SuperSaiyan 2 / PHYZ1X  (Oct 05th, 2017 08:49 AM)

What about posting this loose Mr. Natiko instead of posting wins when you ragequit :D shame
Commented by ^mAed. | b0unty*  (Oct 08th, 2017 02:06 PM)

did i play that fw? mmm no.. it its ok.. you can post other funwars with only 1 iAG member in it and class it as a clanwar ;) - oh youve done that already

ps- we post every war. was i see on other clan sites thats not been posted i post also. or get the guys to post it. quit crying sweet heart
Commented by iAG | Natiko!  (Oct 08th, 2017 02:39 PM)

i see 4 member
Commented by ^mAed. | b0unty*  (Oct 08th, 2017 04:13 PM)

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