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11 months ago
[nri] Pakistan
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Clan is back!

Servers are active now. More info at

Server Commands

You can use !cmd to see commands.

PLAYER Commands:

Stats System commands!

!stats - Your stats.

!n - Player stats (Sample: !n 3 - where 3 is player id.

!sk - Self skill stats. Or !sk player nick - Sample - !sk [PLAYERS]nri

!top - top 5 players. Or. !top 34 - where 34, is for search who player has 34 place on top, or !top - for top5

!toprank - top skill rank 5 players +New

!rank - top 5 rank +New

!kills - top 5 kills

!bash - top 5 mellee killers +New

!heads - top 5 headshot killers +New

!suicides - top 5 suicides +New

!worst - worst top players.

!cmd or !help - Command list.

!fun - fun messages list.

!status - Your permissions :)

!geo - your geo information. Or !geo id - Sample - !geo 5

!info - recodmod information.

!help - help list, or command list.

!admin - admin information.

!ip - your ip

!time - server time, or player time.

Moderator Commands

!ban - To ban any player from server.
!unban "id" - To Unban someone from server. (Use !banlist for ban id)
!banlist - Server's Banlist (10 only) (Also used to track BANNED ID)
!lastban - Last player banned on server (With ID)
!tban "period" - Temp-Ban someone

11 months ago
Jump’it.hehu Japan
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good luck!
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