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7 days ago
\LULB1GB34RLUL/ Turkey
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I have setup several strawpolls to get a view on which matches the cod1.1 community is interested to watch. Due to limited time I am not able to stream all the matches but only the ones that can be entertaining to stream/watch.

Round 1:
Germania vs Extraneous might get streamed

Round 2:
The Myth Of vs GotOwned
in2ition vs TheGoog

Round 3:
GotOwned vs in2ition
Eclipse vs The Myth Of

Round 4:
GotOwned vs Eclipse
The Myth Of vs Germania

Round 5:
Eclipse vs in2ition
Germania vs GotOwned

Round 6:
Eclipse vs Germania
The Myth Of vs TheGoog

Round 7:
Germania vs in2ition

Round 8:

Round 9:

The results of the voting does not mean that I am 100% sure I will be streaming it as it purely depends on the day/time the matches will be played on. Also, my decision of streaming different matches might apply.
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7 days ago
jumpitKnight.killer France
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Thx bigbear the stream last night was really good looking forward

EDITE:ddamm in round 3 and 4 there is so many good matches oh my god so hard to pick
6 days ago
\LULB1GB34RLUL/ Turkey
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Make sure you vote!
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2 days ago
\LULB1GB34RLUL/ Turkey
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Added the matches to my first post that will probably get streamed.
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