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11 months ago
duffye Albania
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Weezy Recordz
Subscribe On Youtube: WeezyRecordz
Twitter: @weezyrecordz
Instagram: weezy_records
Soundcloud: Weezy Recordz

This is a Record Label Studio named Weezy Recordz
We also provide lyrics and beats at low cost with no extra tax
Also the regular costumers take different offers regarding their demand
We ready to do master and everything for you afer you make a registration
We a label in Albania and we provide support for everybody this is one of those dreams coming true for us and it would be a pleasure if you would be part of it follow us subscribe us it would be really appreciated.

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDEa2sZHjWiw3gurP1YzSXg

For contact:weezyrecordz812@gmail.com
Or contact me here.

Thanks, peace Duffye ✌
see you soon in cod1
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