Demos for a Cod 1 Fragmovie

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9 months ago
[-tAZ-]*~bURPY* Egypt
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Hi there,
actually i started to edit and make a new fragmovie but
not about only 1 player like i made at the last months but its talking about
all players of cod 1 to make sure that cod 1 is still alive and will be always alive!
anyway i'm searching for good demos that i can put it on the fragmovie to finish it very soon
so if u want to send me a demo here on this topic -->
then i will check it and see if its good to be putted on the demo and i will edit it well too
as always.. human can improve very fast if he is always active on any hobby.. And I'm trying to improve
i don't want to talk much so that i will tell u what to do:
i will say as ezkl said when he wanted demos from players so he made topic on think green and i will say:

1- check for a good demo of u on ur game but at least 2 kills!

2- if u found it (and i hope this) so rename your demo like this: (number of kills)_(map of the demo)_(map is Only Sniper (os) nor Only MG (omp)) For Example: 5kills_carentan_omp

3- upload it on easy site like: mediafire nor zippyshare!

*Notice*: (the demo in a war is recommended)
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9 months ago
eQuinox Emy Belgium
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Will look through mine and I'll come back to you. Good initiative though! I'll be looking forward to seeing the result. :)
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9 months ago
^mAed.| knechtzOR " Germany
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lemme see if i got something for you. Good, nice boy Burpy (Y) :) keep going, the good work :)
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9 months ago
Jump’it.hehu Japan
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is there any deadline for sending those demos?
I'm also asking because there will be the event, and you might include demos from the event as well ;p
9 months ago
itachi<:o) Yugoslavia
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not a war but hi

3 in 1
8 months ago
[-tAZ-]*~bURPY* Egypt
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@bounty check and give here on this topic or on ts3 im there all times :D
@hehu actually im working on it and i got a good number of demos too, so that i think u must be quick if u want to send a demo and take part in the fragmovie, anyway if u want to take part just give me the demo like i told bounty.. ;)
@itachi ur demo has a chance :D
still need a demos.. if u want to take part There is still a place in my fragmovie :)
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