Call of Duty 1 v1.1 Server Install Script

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11 months ago
\LULB1GB34RLUL/ Turkey
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Posting it here instead of in the tutorial section as I won't be able to edit stuff after.

Decided to make a cod 1.1 server install script after Cato his hint as I had some spare time during my Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish it and make a universal interactive script due to lack of time right now... So it's kinda half unfinished basic shell script.

Anyway, I still decided to publish the script here as some of you guys can use it. Cleaned the script today, tested it and works as intended on a clean Linux installation.

What does the script do?
Setup one cod1.1 gameserver
Check your Linux version
Check Linux kernel architecture
Create user and some directories
Install some libraries to make the server work
Downloading and setting up all the server files
And some other stuff..

Tested on
Ubuntu 14.04 - 64bit
Ubuntu 16.04 - 64bit
Debian Jessie - 64bit

Setting it up on your server
Install git: apt-get -yy install git
Clone the repository: git clone
Make the script executable: chmod +x
Run it: ./ OR bash

Direct link to the script:

In case you want to setup a second server run the commands below as root. Replace newserver with anything else.

mkdir /opt/cod/newserver && ln -s /opt/cod/serverfiles/* /opt/cod/newserver && cp /opt/cod/myserver/*.sh /opt/cod/newserver && chown -R cod:cod /opt/cod/newserver

cd /opt/cod/newserver && for file in $(grep -R 'myserver' -l --exclude-dir=main); do $(sed -i s/myserver/newserver/g "$file" && sed -i s/28960/28970/g "$file"); done

P.S. Sorry for the unformatted topic...
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11 months ago
Jump’it.hehu Japan
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Nice, thanks for helping cod 1.1 ;)
11 months ago
$triker Germany
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I m somehow too stupid too understand what he is writing, but thanks i guess
11 months ago
beQuick x PrasH Poland
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Don't worry striker, I'm in IT class and also don't understand most of it :D I know some commands there but dunno why he is using them in code connected to this game :P
11 months ago
|MODS|RoyaltY France
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thanks mate
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