Veritas 1.92 PROBLEM

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6 months ago
Miles Of Happiness *-_-* Pakistan
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Hello Guys !
I have played a tournament and 1 player in my team was using Veritas 1.93 After match when we cheaked the session of his veritas it was showing white Screen in Session . We have only few days to solve out this problem other team is insisting us for that session and Tournament organizers have set a Deadline of 1day .
Please Help we were semi final . Someone Will help plz . We need serious kind of Help We have only 1 day . I will be Thankful to You Guys .

Your Brother:
= C H R I $ =
6 months ago
monkaS sLn <) Cuba
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YOU wrote:
this problem
Which problem? Provide us more details about the error or something. If you need other version or same but new source try other links posted in thinkgreen.
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