Call Of Duty Automix Plugin or codam.

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4 months ago
Miles Of Happiness *-_-* Pakistan
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I am recently back after many years and noticed that call of duty 1 is going towards dead end . I have a plan in my mind that we should create a codam or mod of automix . This mod is being used widely in Counter Strike 1.6 .
What is automix plugin or codam.
It is a simple codam or mod but there is a special Task of this codam that it chooses captains and Teams Randomly when the server is full . E.g The server is off 10 slots after being full It randomly choose 2 captains. 1 from Allies and 1 from Axis and then those captains choose players By themselves . As being a old player of cod and being a codstar i never want cod1 dead. So i request from all Programmers develop this automix codam this will Acheive great popularity and Cod 1 will start growing again . If you have counter strike 1.6 i can give you ip and you can cheak what automix plugin is.
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4 months ago
^osuperrr. United Kingdom
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Please look at this post Its pretty much the same kind of thing but it works through Discord instead
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