Call of Duty 1.1 Download

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2 months ago
ynkwave France
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Hey :),

I 'update' the huepfer's topicabout Call of Duty download.

I have used the files of his links, and I created some Setups.

So the available languages are:



English [1.10GB]
German [1.9GB]
French [1.11GB]
Polish [1.10GB]
Spanish [1.13GB]

If you see a problem or something else, tell me about it.

For those who are interested, there is the projecton Github.

Keep CoD 1.1 alive ;)
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2 months ago
^tAZ~:BurPy:s Egypt
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great job
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2 months ago
huepfer Germany
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hey i also upadted my old post and replaced the dead links didnt noticed they didnt work anymore :D sorry^^
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2 months ago
Church of Emy:pablo Zimbabwe
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2 months ago
bdz Sweden
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pablo wrote:
2 months ago
Ssc||supeRRR Pakistan
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nice :D
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