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Firstly download the IW4x installer. There are two versions to choose from, installer.exe and installer_legacy.exe. It’s recommended to use installer.exe and only use installer_legacy.exe, should the first not work.

Download - installer.exe


Download - installer_legacy.exe


Method A) installer.exe

Start the installer.exe and select where the the installer should install IW4x to. You can use the Select…-Button or manually enter a path, the installer will create the folder, should it not exist yet.

Then select which modules should be installed. The MW2 Basegame is the game files, IW4x needs those to work at all. The IW4x Client is the client itself, this includes the iw4x.exe you will use to start the game as well as a few additional maps. The IW4x DLCs module downloads all eight available DLCs and installs them.

If you don’t have anything at all yet, tick all modules and start the installation. If you already have MW2 from Steam, untick MW2 Basegame, point the install path to your MW2 game folder and start the installation. It is not recommended to use a MW2 Basegame from a different repack, such as NoSteam and similar.

It’s recommended to copy-paste your existing basegame to a different location, so that IW4x doesn’t affect your steam game.


The installer will now download, verify and install all selected modules and open the folder you selected to install to after it has finished.



Method B) installer_legacy.exe

Run the installer_legacy.exe and select where you want to install IW4x to, the self-extracting archive will then put the installer files into the selected directory.



Launch the installer and change the settings as needed: The numbers 1, 2 and 3 toggle the download for the basegame, the client files and the DLC files respectively. Then enter “go” (without quotation marks) to start the download and installation process.


Please wait for the download to finish, depending on your network speed it might take a while.


After IW4x has been installed, you can start playing the game right away! Simply execute the iw4x.exe, which can now be found in your game folder.



This is the first screen you will see after launching the game for the first time. Click “I understand” after you’ve read the information displayed on screen. You will be directed to the main menu.


The game will ask you to enter a nickname to use ingame. If IW4x detects a running copy of Steam it will copy your current Steam nickname and place it in this field.
After setting your name, it is recommended to visit the Options menu to adjust any settings according to your computer’s capabilities. You can also change your name any time under the Multiplayer tab.

If you have a low-end computer, it is adviced to turn off Auto-Recording in the Game tab, since it might have a noticeable effect, depending on your computer.


If you don’t know what a setting does, it is best to leave it alone. These two are best not to played around with, unless you exactly know what you’re doing.


Don’t feel like unlocking everything? You can find the Unlock Stats button in the barracks to instantly unlock every weapon, perk, killstreak and all 15 classes.


Fifteen classes total can be used at Prestige Level 10.


When you’re done setting up your game and creating your classes, click Join Game to open the server browser and join one of the many servers within IW4x’s decentralized network!
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Multiplayer [ Server Fix ]

Server Fix

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