COD4 x Axon assistant (new COD4 Anticheat!?)

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3 months ago Axon Saint LUCIA
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Assistant admin to detect cheats from screenshots in COD4 / COD4 Axon assistant beta ver. 0.5 (new COD4 Anticheat!?).

At the moment, it is more an assistant than anti-cheat to detect cheaters, who will be able to inform the administrator about the cheater for further action, or he will perform the necessary function.

Public access from 3.12.2018 (Contact me in the message [ here or Steam id:exrecod ] where you can get free your key. To use you will need to enter key&screensh=link to your screenshot)

Link example:р7de4434e8&screensh=

Link json answer examples:


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3 months ago
pablo Poland
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How big cod 4 is? How many servers are there approximately and how huge is the playerbase? Just curious.
3 months ago Axon Saint LUCIA
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~ 100 000 players in 24/h with cod4 1.7a and (1.8 masterserver -> )
3 months ago
victOrious_-BurpyB) Egypt
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Nice activity :D
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