There we go again... FPS lag problem

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7 days ago
S C (+) P E - saS Netherlands
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So.. I finally bought a 'gaming desktop' but im having fps issues in Cod1.


Ryzen 3 1200 Quad-core
Radeon RX570 4GB
Windows 10

My fps isnt really stable and drops from 250 to 150 and sometimes lower. Especially when in a busy server. It feels stuttery (certainly not smooth) and makes the game pretty much unplayable. These specs should easily get 333 stable imo...

What I tried:
-Disable xbox DVR.
-Tried all different resolutions in game (low or high doesnt make any different in fps)
-Run in comp mode: with or without windows XP3, run as adm etc. No difference.
-All kind of different settings in Radeon settings.
-Different Drivers (Uninstalled and reinstalled with DDU in safemodus)

PS. I also have PUBG which is running pretty smooth.

Some screenshots of my Radeon CPU/GPU while ingame:




Pls help :( thanks.
7 days ago
v1fon Poland
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Hmmm, As i have talked with piecka He had boost to like 2000fps from almost stable 333fps as he reinstalled win 10 to win 7 64
6 days ago
[v1G] TheGoog! Austria
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Yeah there is a known kernel1 bug in windows 10 with amd processors wich results in big performance loss especially for older games.
Only solution we know is to go back install windows7
6 days ago
-*tAZ/BurpY?! Egypt
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Yep, same thing on my laptop which should have given me like 3000 fps or so, but it is on 333 and not stable, still can jump tho. Piecka said that he reinstalled windows from win 10 to win 7 and he got 2000 fps yea, I haven't tried it yet, but I think you can try it like others have said.
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