Jump is still alive!

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1 month ago
hehu Japan
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Hey guys!

I wanted to say thanks to everybody joining jump lately. After a break I enjoy playing jump a lot nowadays and it makes me really happy to see the server so active. I have some screenshots to show others that jump is still alive!

Here you can some some people trying to succeed in ladder / boost jumping. This thing just makes you go up but it's not really a ladder.

In here people are struggling to do a nade jump, because ladder jumping does not work on 1.1 - it's pretty funny when you see 3 people on nearly the same spot

This one is a 1st nade jump on the same map, to succeed you need to grasp a correct timing (about 4 seconds)




Here you can see mali on top of letter N :D

Thank you guys very much, I had a lot of fun!

Here (just in case) is a download link for jump maps:

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