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19 days ago
HunterzSkill;] India
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Hey Guys.. We 'DEV!LLIKE' Clan are recruiting new members for the clan. Its a good clan with some members but we need more active members for the clan. Well if you think that you are a active player and 6-7/10 player then you can text me here. Peace.
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19 days ago
[v1G] TheGoog! Austria
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Good luck with the clan
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17 days ago
Example3 Name3 Poland
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I wish you success with the clan, I would be interested to join as I'm cless.

Where can I raise an application?
Does it have a website?
Teamspeak / Discord?
How active?

(you can write it here to inform others who might be interested)
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16 days ago
HunterzSkill;] India
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✓If anyone is interested they can text me here or at Discord- HunterzSkill #4690 /Instagram- hunterzskill
✓sorry as it's a new clan so we dont have website but we are looking forward to it in future
✓we use team speak but it is not compulsory
✓We chat on Discord and it is compulsory
✓well we are active everyday but as we study so we can't give our 100% attention to game. But we play for 2-3-4hours everyday
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9 days ago
Hortik France
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Good Luck
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