Binds in Call of Duty / Create Binds

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Binds in Call of Duty / Create Binds

<img src="images/tutorial_cod1binds1.png" alt="Call of Duty Binds Tutorial | Create COD1 Binds" /><br>
1: Open Console (Default Key is <font color="yellow">^</font> or <font color="yellow">~</font>)<br>
2: Type in <font color="yellow">/bind</font> <br>
3: Type in wich Button you would like to use (<font color="LightYellow">/bind</font> <font color="yellow">P</font>)<br>
4: Now comes the Command (e.g. <font color="LightYellow">/bind P</font><font color="yellow"> say <font color="LightYellow">MYTEXT</font> )<br> <br>

Example: <font color="white">/bind L set name <font color="yellow">Unknown Soldier</font></font>

Recommendation: <a href="cod1_name_generator.php" target="_blank" title="Call of Duty 1 Bind Generator"> Call of Duty 1 Bind Generator</a>

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i recommend removing this topic some people can get a simple WH from this
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