Changing The Allies Or Axis From German To American

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Changing The Allies Or Axis From German To American

To Change Team Of Allies from Russians to American | Or change there dresses

About This Tutorial:

This tutorial is about how to change the Allies from Russian to American or to British in a particular map. And to change the dress of Russian team in Harbor map (red) to the dress of Russians in Railyard Map (green) .(happy)
  1. Open your Call Of Duty Folder.
  2. Open the Main folder in Cod folder.
  3. Open pak5.pk3 (You can open it with Winrar,7zip). Go to Maps->MP.
  4. Now select any map's .gsc file for Eg. mp_harbor.gsc (You can open it with Notepad).

    You Will See Coding Like This :-

            game["allies"] = "russian";
    	game["axis"] = "german";
            game["russian_soldiertype"] = "conscript";
    	game["russian_soldiervariation"] = "winter";
    	game["german_soldiertype"] = "waffen";
    	game["german_soldiervariation"] = "winter";
    	game["attackers"] = "allies";
    	game["defenders"] = "axis";

    Valid Settings For Assigning other dress or changing attackers and defenders:-

    Team Definitions:
    			game["allies"] = "american";
    			game["axis"] = "german";
    			This sets the nationalities of the teams. Allies can be american, british, or russian. Axis can be german.
    			game["attackers"] = "allies";
    			game["defenders"] = "axis";
    			This sets which team is attacking and which team is defending. Attackers plant the bombs. Defenders protect the targets
    Valid settings for dresses:
    				american_soldiertype		airborne
    				american_soldiervariation	normal, winter
    				british_soldiertype		airborne, commando
    				british_soldiervariation	normal, winter
    				russian_soldiertype		conscript, veteran
    				russian_soldiervariation	normal, winter
    				german_soldiertype		waffen, wehrmacht, fallschirmjagercamo, fallschirmjagergrey, kriegsmarine
    				german_soldiervariation		normal, winter
  5. For changing Allies to american change allies=american dont forget to change the settings of russian_soldiertype and variation to american_soldiertype and variation and use valid settings give above.

  6. Change the data in Mp_harbor.gsc as you wish but use valid settings otherwise it will not work. You can change in any map of your desire.[For Eg. mp_depot.gsc].

    For Example:

            game["american_soldiertype"] = "airborne";
    	game["american_soldiervariation"] = "normal";
    	game["german_soldiertype"] = "kriegsmarine";
    	game["german_soldiervariation"] = "normal";
  7. Kriegsmarine for german is the dress used in mp_ship

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I would recommend to extract the files you want to change with it's folder structure from the pak5.pk3 and create a new changeteams.pk3 where you place them in, that way you have a better overview, can easily share it and will keep the stock files untouched.
Commented by ^GotOwned.Jona#  (Aug 04th, 2014 03:37 AM)

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