How to download Call of Duty 1.1

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How to download Call of Duty 1.1

A little guide for people new to Call of Duty 1.1

So, you want to play Call of Duty 1.1 but don't know where to start?

It is great that you decided to give Call of Duty 1.1 a try! It is really an awesome game and even 11 years after the release in 2003, there is still a huge active community.

There is 3 ways you can get Call of Duty 1.1:

1: Buy a cheap copy online

You can get Call of Duty 1.1 used from amazon for as low as 3 bucks - no kidding! That's how i got my CoD1.1! Even new copies of Call of Duty are available from 6 bucks.

By the way, you can also download Call of Duty from steam but their prices are ridiculous (30+ bucks).

2: Download an illegal copy online

This is probably the most widely used way to get Call of Duty. Anyways, we do not encourage people to download illegal copies and you could probably get a virus from it if you're not careful.

I have heard that some people open and search for "Call Of Duty Cracked, No setup".

Anyways, we would suggest you to just buy a used copy instead. Come on, 3 bucks is nothing. Thats what you'd pay for a big mac! And a big mac will for damn sure not give you that much fun, seriously.

3: Buy it in your local store (if available)

Call of Duty 1.1 is still available in some stores. Prices for new copies are ranging from USD 8 - USD 20 or EUR 6 - EUR 15. If you're a cheap bitch then i would just recommend you to get a used copy online for 3 bucks.

I already have Call of Duty, but need some tips!

You can find a lot of tutorials in our Call of Duty 1.1 Tutorials section.

Also feel free to create a topic in our forums if you have any questions!

Have fun!

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I started to look for the download button :P
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What is call of duty ?
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piratebay is down now..
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pirate bay is back!!!
Commented by gobby  (Dec 16th, 2014 09:22 PM)

Call of Duty 1.1 Multiplayer - Rifle One Shot

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