How to make a decent topic

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How to make a decent topic

quick tutorial on how to write and title forum's topics
Lately we've seen a lot of topics titled in some bad or weird way. Like you would see the name of it but it would make you not want to read it at all because of a wrong name of the topic...

1 Use a proper title.

What does it mean? If you need help a title "PLLLLLLLLLLZZ HEEELELP" won't do any good. Personaly I try to avoid topics titled this way. So what do you need to use a proper title:
  • You need to know what you want to write about.
  • You need to know how to put it in a short sentence - topic title shouldn't be too long
  • Make sure it is not rude / insulting, just make it polite so users would not avoid the topic ;)
  • Make sure it is written with proper english (topic's name is few words I'm sure you can check that in google)
  • During making a topic there is aninformation at the top: "Please compose your topic in english. Choose a good topic title that describes your problem in detail. Do not make "help pls" topics" - just follow this
  • If you are desperate for help put in the "help word but make sure to write what do you need a help with (game / your PC, or whatever it might be) - for example "Please help my game keeps crashing".
  • Before you start creating a topic search the forums to see if your answer isn't already here.

2 The text.

  • To start with, use punctuation marks. In other words use these (. , ! ? / () - ) etc.
  • Let's go again - try to use proper english
  • Use some spacing and layout planning so it would be possible to read without going blind
  • It would be nice to use colors and other BB-Codes, some of them you can find here -
  • If there is a link use the url code - it is not hard to do that, on the other hand every user who want's to help you has to copy it and paste it. It's not hard but it is longer.
  • Be polite during your asking for help / talking about the topic etc. If you would just demand it is most likely to get hated / avoided.
  • If you post images which are important for the topic, make sure the quality and the size is big enough to understand / see what it is about(also please use the img code for pictures).
  • Some people say polite asking is like ass licking. It depends how you do it I guess but asking kindly about something is way better than saying nothing.
  • There is an edit option. If you mess up something (like I usually do) you can always edit it to write it as you wanted it to be written ;)

I hope it might help and that i didn't make too many mistakes. Also if there is something worth adding let me know I can always edit.

codes used:
list, color, b, u, url, img, heading

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you forgot the 's' in 'inulting' (paragraph 1, third line)

pls use proper english hehu
Commented by ~B@n@n@~  (Feb 28th, 2017 10:31 PM)

lel my banana lel <3
Commented by ^$exXy Ko@lA.  (Feb 28th, 2017 10:44 PM)

What has the world become?! :D we need to make tutorials on how to create a topic?!!! WHAAAAT!!! :DDDD
Commented by ^PuppY4Life:)  (Mar 01st, 2017 03:30 PM)

Puppy, this is what we're dealing these days. Awkwardly named topics and all.
Commented by def1  (Mar 01st, 2017 03:55 PM)

I see the s there, and yea as defi said even 2 days ago there was a guy who created his post in such an obscure way it hurts to look at
Commented by ^5ultim8 heywho.  (Mar 01st, 2017 04:00 PM)

Hehu is right :D
Commented by def1  (Mar 01st, 2017 04:28 PM)

Commented by Dnyor  (Nov 04th, 2018 03:50 AM)

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