How to strafe in cod1

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How to strafe in cod1

Strafing (125 jumps) as on jump maps + some basic information

Introduction and some info:

This is a tutorial in which im jumping and saying what to do. As we both were in hurry my movement isn't matched with what I'm saying (hopefully it will be updated, if not it's still helpfull). Also my microphone is bad and I'm apologizing for that

How to strafe:

  1. /com_maxfps 125
  2. You can use different but the tutorial is about 125 fps
  • To WS - wallspeed make sure you "stick to the wall" and press AW / WD
  • After you are "on" the wall just learn how to time your jump and make a smooth move with your mouse

Here's a youtube video tutorial by me and Haslow

Enjoy ;)

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thanks bro ;)
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