Increase map loading speed & Fix hunk errors

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Created 8 years ago

Increase map loading speed & Fix hunk errors

How to properly allocate the right amount of RAM to CoD and how to fix hunk errors
This tutorial shows you how to increase the map loading speed in Call of Duty 1

With the command "com_hunkmegs" you can adjust how much system ram is allocated to Call of Duty.

You should change this command to an higher amount if your map loading time seems slow, or if you are receiving "hunk" errors.

The default setting is 128, the maximum is 1024.

To change this value, open up the console (~ key) and type
/set com_hunkmegs x

The number you choose should be 25-50% of your total system memory.
The changes will take effect after restart of CoD.

If you have 1024MB ram, then 256 is a safe value to go with.

Warning: Anything above 50% of your total RAM size and you will start to see problems!

If your CoD doesn't start anymore after changing com_hunkmegs and tells you that you don't have enough RAM.
Open the config_mp.cfg located in ".../Call of Duty/main" with any texteditor,
search for the string "com_hunkmegs" and change the value behind it to a lower value.
If you have set 512 go to the next lower value 256.

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Be carefull with this, my whole cod crashed because of it xD
Commented by point.less  (Jul 30th, 2011 11:49 AM)

Thats why i wrote dont use more than 75% of your total RAM size :P
If u follow this rule nothign bad can happen.

50% of your total RAM ist always a safe value.
Commented by ^THiNK#Jona  (Jul 30th, 2011 03:03 PM)

naah i did 1000 and my ram is 2gb..
Commented by point.less  (Jul 31st, 2011 04:29 PM)

Usually this is no problem...
Maybe you had big procecess working in the background.
Commented by ^THiNK#Jona  (Jul 31st, 2011 05:23 PM)

You should use 25% of your total ram, try 500, 256is default i think so it's at least twice as fast
Commented by ^THiNK#ALIEN  (Jul 31st, 2011 05:49 PM)

128 is default, if 512 dont works you dont have 2gb RAM :D
Commented by ^THiNK#Jona  (Jul 31st, 2011 10:21 PM)

^^ jona your scared crashing the server while we had a little match..
Commented by point.less  (Aug 01st, 2011 02:12 PM)

Haha you are Chiel :D
The server didnt crash... it had a hard lag for 20 seconds, we all played on, you didnt even reconnected to stay for jumping battle.
If you were serious contact me when you have time, but it was not my fault that we didnt play today.
Btw I assessed you different...
Commented by ^THiNK#Jona  (Aug 01st, 2011 06:50 PM)

I have a little problem, the thing is that I have 4 gb of ram so I typed /set com_hunkmegs 2000 and now when I launch the game it tells me that I don't have enough ram to launch it , someone knows how to reset this ? :)
Commented by $witch  (Aug 10th, 2011 04:18 PM)

change your config file entry to 1024 or 512
Commented by ^THiNK#ALIEN  (Aug 10th, 2011 04:23 PM)

if you want to know whats ur ram right left click computer and go to pros
Commented by [PROPHET]LUKE  (Aug 10th, 2011 05:10 PM)

Better read the tutorial, i wrote,
"The default setting is 128, the maximum is 1024."

You know what you did wrong now? :)

Usually this shouldnt be a problem, I mean if you set it too high, it is just capped at 1024.

So if 1024 doesnt work just use 512.
Commented by ^THiNK#Jona  (Aug 10th, 2011 05:53 PM)

trop cool l'astuce
Commented by FRESHLOIC  (Feb 08th, 2012 10:39 PM)

@jona "Btw I assessed you different..." How did you assessed me then? I actually now reed ur respond, bit late x]
Commented by ^Ch1el:>  (Feb 09th, 2012 01:44 AM)

my Ram is 4 G,
/set com_hunkmegs 2000
Commented by _GH_ Rozensky  (Feb 14th, 2012 09:28 PM)

i did this and my laptop started having problems like my wifi stops ( means i couldnt join any wireless network unless i restarted ) then i reinstalled cod1 cause i just played cod 1 nothing more was running in background, now i play without hunkmeg it takes 5 mins to join server on first play after boot up )but after u join a server it makes caches maybe smthing after that it joins servers faster, sorry for being too long but wanna say dont try this as it won help as much is damages(or risks for damages ).:/
Commented by ~>XtYliZeR<~seeRa  (Nov 16th, 2014 07:58 PM)

by the way i had 3 gb ram old laptop and used 512 hunkmegs as default was 128
Commented by ~>XtYliZeR<~seeRa  (Nov 16th, 2014 08:00 PM)

If you had problems with 512 then use the next lower value, 256.
It would still be a lot faster than the default value of 128 and should be absolutly no problem if you really have 3GB ram. And you don't need to reinstall the game just to change one cvars value. Simply open the config_mp.cfg and change the value back to 128.
Commented by ^THiNK#Jona  (Nov 16th, 2014 11:31 PM)

i have RAM 8GB ;) it worked thanks (Y)
Commented by TheProTecTor{^ALi}  (Sep 06th, 2015 02:44 PM)

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