Ultimate Clientside modding tutorial

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Ultimate Clientside modding tutorial

This is a full Tutorial which will teach you how to be a professional modder at cod 1.1

Ultimate Client side modding Tutorial


  1. Photoshop
  2. Winrar
  3. Creative brain


  1. Introduction
  2. Programs
  3. Files
  4. Walls
  5. Weapons
  6. Sky
  7. How to Contact Author


In this tutorial you should be able to create any mod you want
Put any image you want in the sky your gf your best place yourself whatever you want
you can modify any wall you can do any client side mod you want
i will explain everything about design everything i learnt in 3-5 years of playing this game
you should be a great mod designer
if you aren't interested then i do not advice you to waste your time


I am using Photoshop,winrar & my creative brain
for Photoshop you will need an extra file its called Nvida dds tool will allow you to open dds files more explain later
everyone knows winrar
about creative brain i mean your brain not a program :D


for files this is them all
pk3 the mod file will be open everything about it with winrar
tga its a file for textures can be open with photoshop as photoshop support it
dds its a file for textures too but can be open with photoshop after you install the program nvidia dds tool or nvidia photoshop textures

Now that was the basic knowledge
before you go to next chapter revise others be sure you have every thing you don't really need a creative brain it was a joke


i don't think i need to tell you what is wall ofc you have seen walls in your life more then you can count
hmm before you start edit walls you must know rules
for walls the wall must be seamless "seamless" from sides listen carefully
When you make a wall you must be sure that the left edge of the wall is matching the right edge so they can look like a one texture when you see them in-game if you didn't Then
They will look badly badly
a tips for that
if you are using a image with text inside you can make edges with one color so they match whatever the game did
if you can't then i would advice to make the space of your wall bigger at width and copy paste the wall
move the new wall near the right edge of the old wall if they look seamless then just undo the changes :D
Now Where do you find the walls to edit walls you want
I think there is russia german normandy british american ye you started to understand they are categorized but ofc there is easy ways to find them
here is the rule for most walls
textures/category/walls\your wall
other one
textures/category/your wall
if you aren't so good at this you can just contact me with ss to the wall ,when i see it i will tell you where exactly you can find it +wall name ofc
so how do i edit wall how do i edit the file hmm i made a bad tutorial before it was a tutorial to make this one easier
here it is One click here to go for it immediately
if you have problems with it or can't you can always contact me as i should be online for a month or two or three after this tutorial to help everyone have a question


for weapons you can modify them with 2 ways models i won't explain it need a 3d designer and i am not also its not easy to do
which is my part
its in skins folder
you can find clothes too in skins folder
how to edit them as same as i said before see this tutorial
One click here to go for it immediately
Which file do i need use your brain open files search use categories metal wood whatever just patient when searching or you can search with weapon name for kar98k you can't find it with this name as its use a shortcut but yeah search search you will find it at end


for sky there is many secrets for it i will only tell you what you need else you will have to search test try learn i can't help you with other secrets i will explain at begin how sky is designed the tricks used best ways which not exist
you need to understand that sky isn't sky its called environment or env
second other things :D
env in cod 1.1 is called out if you want look for tutorials for them as i am not making one
this is all what i can give you
skybox is used in games like cod1.1 csgo
its a six images which combined together to give a cube and the map is inside that cube what is my proof for this open your cod 1.1
write this commands at console
/devmap "anymapyouwanttestonit"
i take brecourt as i like bhopping in it
/devmap mp_brecourt"

/r_showtris 1
after that
noclip and hold space you should fly look around you can see the skybox you can see 5 images with they borders but you won't be able to see the last one as its always under the ground unfindable don't try looking for it
search for youtube with tutorials for how to create a skybox how to make a skybox or download it from google google have too many then you can count

How to contact the author

hmm there is many ways you can use for example my fb

One click here to go for it immediately

my steam search for it Iron Stone

my skype i won't talk with you :D


some tips

Don't get bored
Work harder
Work Harder

That's all by time you will learn

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