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Admin Needed? Report Cheater

Please read carefully before submitting a report:

  • Please spectate the player thoroughly before submitting a report.
  • You may report: Wallhack, Aimbot, Namefake, FF, Weapon 32, Spam.
  • An Admin will come to the server, so only report LIVE sightings.
  • Please be quiet on the server, don't tell around that you called an admin.
  • Abusing the reporting system will result in a ban.

To make it clear, because some people still don't get it, ONLY submit a report if you are 100% sure that the suspect is cheating. We do not accept a "maybe wh" or any other vague assumptions. SPECTATE the suspect thoroughly and only then submit a report. The reporting system is here to help the people. Intentionally submitted untrue reports will result in a permanent ban on our servers so please respect the rules and only report when it's really necessary.

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