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Bolt wh -_-Think Star :PShort Description kekNew Tag I wish i was a ballerThis guy is drunk :DBad aimscript + Rq ^^rozii on fireggwpawesome without minefields :DMy New Record (c) CrumbzzBest Ping Best Fps100 Kills I couldn't get 1 more kill :(*____*best pug :Dno war vs dinosower they r 2low C watermelonBest Map ever Bolt Type :Dnice :DWell played today, guys! last day in CoDi have LOW team:(:DEverybody on drugs , all namefakers.Hurtgen OMPgoodgoodgoodgoodGamingDat was Fun :DGood Gamegoodgoodgoodgoodyee oldno7 bredat whgoodSquared Againservers list again have squared
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