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Good GamePablo is taking over CS:GO scene.GG GREETINGS FROM EGYPTHow would you rank my skills?GG BROA few moments later, **BANNED**RIFLE OR MACHINE GUN MAGED WINS NO MATTERgeegeejust shoot'itCAN MAGED EVEN LOSE?GG BROsit down pabloWelcome to Revolution GamingBest player is not pusiboy, its maged.3rd revival of Rage clan. ss date 2013-08-03TRICK serverMNL is BACKonce again maged is leading the pubscenesnip 4snip 3snip 2snip 1I can still play this game D;Call of Duty 2 - AdmiralMOD by Zabijaka|PLMAGED IS TOO GOODme lagger ok? okThe Myth of MAGED[CRACKED] Call of Duty 2 (v1.3)achievement unlocked 1st win vs TMO PIC 4achievement unlocked 1st win vs TMO PIC 3achievement unlocked 1st win vs TMO PIC 1achievement unlocked 1st win vs TMO PIC 1First funwar in while1shot 1kill1shot 1killme no magedhot pieckaSNIP GOOD CLAN OK? OK 4SNIP GOOD CLAN OK? OK 3SNIP GOOD CLAN OK? OK 2SNIP GOOD CLAN OK? OKMAGED WINS
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