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Rhymes and rap

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4 years ago
hehu. Poland
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So, how about anyone posts here what they have written. Or starts writing some poems rhymes or rap text :D Don't be shy and show what you got. Also as I want to get better u can give me some themes - I'll try my best to create some funny / interesting text with it. I had a lot of fun on this forum editing ramyonk lines and it went fast and funny so I wanted to go a bit further. Also I can try some "rap battle" with anyone and I don't mind losing :D hit me with ur best

Also here is one from me (hope ur gonna laugh):

KsiÄ…dz (priest)

Free time raps, 2016, priest theme, by hehu

Hello I'm Adam and I'm a Priest
My only lord is Jesus Christ
He's like emperor sorting my life
He is the reason I met my wife
Yo wait priests have no waifu
Oh lord why can't we have high laifu
Why we can't fap nor stare for boobs
God: dude that's bcz priests are all noobs
I'm your life master I've set all ur moves
Ur life is a game and I'm ur boss
One wrong move will be a huge loss
Your mission is to make other believe
In my existence or else it will be mischief
Death sentence
priest: yo God da fuk u sure ur Saint?
U behave more like a devil or God by paint
What's goin on dude why u so mad?
God: all humans are makin me fokin sad
I've died for them I've cried for them
In csgo I have them lem
And what? They keep killin and hatin
Dwduq is dat half world is rapin
Instead of mum u call her a bitch
Better morals where in Leo and stitch
My Man U need to take care of humanity
Ofc we need both religion and prosperity
But if they got nothing to believe in
They are gonna fail and start collidin
Just mark my words try to make piece
Or it will be a lot worse then this
Whole world gotta burn no hair left
It will look like one big gods theft
4 years ago
def1 Serbia
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Hello I'm Adam and I'm a Priest
My only lord is Jesus Christ
He's like emperor sorting my life
He is the reason I met my wife
Part for the saints :D
Just kidding :P
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4 years ago
Faith Serbia
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Now here's a funky introduction of how nice I am,
Tell your mother, tell your father, send a telegram.

-Phife Dawg- I didn't write this but I think it's pretty cool :D
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4 years ago
^w Y 6 | Diesel Netherlands
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Yo it is diesel here
I'm rapping in the highest tier
I went to see your sister last night
She sucked my D quite alright.
I'm gonna have to ditch her tho
Gotta kill some peeps on chateau

Peace (shout out to Alex his sister)
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