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Free TeamSpeak 3 Server Hosting

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4 years ago
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As im already offering free Teamspeak 3 servers to some Call of Duty v1.5 clans i also would to offer it to some Call of Duty v1.1 clans.

Im hosting Teamspeak 3 servers for free, the server can be used for personal/friends use or for your clan. As long as it's being used. The Teamspeak 3 server will be hosted under the NPL license, this means that i wont charge money for hosting the servers. BUT im monitoring all the Teamspeak 3 servers based on the activity, whenever a Teamspeak 3 server wont be used for xx days i will take the right to completely delete the Teamspeak 3 server without noticing the person that requested the server. The server will also get deleted if you stay idle alone in a channel.

The files that is being uploaded to the server with the File Browser will also be scanned and get deleted if it contains virus or any other type of harmful application. Right now none of the files is being scanned but it's on my to-do list to add to all Teamspeak 3 servers.

Summarized in points;
- You are not allowed to delete the "hosted by" text in the server name
- You are not allowed to use 18+ or abusive image as server banner/server name.
- You are not allowed to use the file browser as some kind of warez sharing.
- You give me the rights to delete the teamspeak 3 server whenever it's not being used or break anything written above.
- You are allowed to increase the slots to 32 which is the maximum. Your server will permanently get removed if you go above 32.
- You are not allowed to remove the text's in the MOTD of your Teamspeak 3 server.

The Teamspeak 3 servers can lag for 5 seconds 2-3 times during the evening as it's being hosted on a VPS where i got some applications running that is heavy. Im currently busy with setting up my own VPS servers on my dedicated server. The Teamspeak 3 servers will be migrated to the dedicated server/VPS somewhere next week.
The Teamspeak 3 servers is running on my 2Gbit dedicated which wont cause any issue's described above anymore.

Fill in the Server Name and the Slots you want and mail it to - You will receive a e-mail back whenever your Teamspeak 3 server is ready, inclusive the Token for Server Admin rights.
Server Name:
Server Slots (max 32):

Server slots left: 5 out of 10
4 years ago | Omar. Egypt
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You made sure that you will be the Server Admin query where you get to control all your servers without a single error?
4 years ago
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The server owners will get normal Server Admin rights and not Server Query Admin. Nobody is able to get Server Query Admin rights as you will need to do that through telnet. I will have Server Query Admin rights myself. :)
4 years ago
^iGGCarbon Romania
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My team is searching right now for another teamspeak server since the one we got right now it's not too reliable anymore so if it's still available til tomorrow, I'm gonna tell the leaders about this. Also are you open in receiving support tickets dirrectly on email? In case of questions or problems?
4 years ago
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You are able to contact me through e-mail or Steam, you usually get response back within 15-30 minutes if you contact me by e-mail.

Ninja edit:
One server got delivered to wanted clan, 5 slots left for now.
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4 years ago
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Currently 6 TS3 servers available for active usage.
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