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CODRadiant Tutorial #2 - Downloading & Installing


Created 5 years ago

CODRadiant Tutorial #2 - Downloading & Installing

How to download and install CODRadiant

This is part 2 of 2 - CODRadiant Tutorial #2 - Downloading & Installing

  1. CODRadiant Tutorial #1 - Introduction
  2. CODRadiant Tutorial #2 - Downloading & Installing

Downloading "codtools" (CoDRadiant)

You can download Radiant by clicking here. (6.2MB)

Extracting ""

After the .zip file is downloaded you will need WinRAR to extract the .exe inside the .zip file you've downloaded.
(I assume you already have it as it's a very basic program for many uses. We'll use it a lot in the future when we move on to mapping, anyway.)

Installing CoDRadiant

There are two ways to install Radiant depending on if you have installed the game properly (you bought it) or have the cracked version (torrent or got it from a friend)

- If you have installed the game properly;
Double-click on "codtools.exe" and continue with the installation.

- If you have a cracked version of CoD1;
You won't be able to install "codtools". Don't worry, I'm here to help you!
You just need to download this (mediafire link uploaded by me. 5.04MB) and use WinRAR to extract it.
You'll now see a folder called "tools". Paste this folder in your root folder* of your CoD1 game.

You're now good to go!

In the next tutorial we are going to run Radiant for the first time and change some important settings before we move on to mapping. It will include screenshots so don't worry! ;)

Proceed to next part:

Proceed to part 3: (Tutorial still in work)

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