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How to record a high quality clip using avidemo


Created 4 years ago

How to record a high quality clip using avidemo

This tutorial will teach you how to record a high quality clip for your frag movie


I've recently noticed that some group of people started getting interested on making videos,fragmovies There is already one tutorial how to record stuffs and get them ready to edit but I want to show my way my method since lets be honest its way more better in terms of quality,colors and eventually render times.

Step 1:

First of all you must have your demo in format .dm_1 which ur going to record as a tga frames sequency which you gonna then convert in avi footage.To watch your demo inside of game you will use cmd
/demo name of your demo

this command will playback your demo

yet another basic to speed up the demo use
/timescale x x=multiper of seconds how fast your demo going to be played

timescale is cheat protected cmd so before using it make sure that you type /devmap mp_harbor to unlock this command.

Step 2:

To start recording your demo as a real footage you will need 2 binds
  • /cl_avidemo 300-gonna start recording frames at 300 framerate which then you gonna convert as avi footage
  • /cl_avidemo 0-stops recording frame sequences


This is my example how I bind these 2 commands you can bind on whatever key you are comfortable with its all up to you.
@Warning once you will start recording ur demo as frame sequence your game will be lagging,don't worry its all bcs call of duty now is creating bunch of .tga frames which we gonna convert in a clip It's normal that lags for 2 reasons.
  1. CoD now records your demo frame by frame it means that it has to be slowed down so it can take them in as highest quality as possible
  2. You are recording at pretty high framerate avarge demo is played in 60 fps when ur recording at 300 it slows down to fit the framerate of sequenced frames

Step 3:

So lets get started with that, you have to open your demo by using command mentioned below
/demo name of your demo
Once you done that move forward till the moment you want to start recording before that make sure you did turn off hud and crosshair to get as clean result as possible you can do it in Multiplayer options.Once you did turn off crosshair hud fps etc and you are in the right place press button to which you attached command cl_avidemo 300 in my case its going to be F1,now it will start recording your demo as a tga frames.When you want to stop recording simply press button to which you have binded cl_avidemo 0 in my case its F2.once you done close call of duty its not going to be needed anymore.

Step 4:

Now its time to convert your frames into actually footage, for that you will need a small tool called VirtualDub. I will leave link to this program in end of the tutorial,this step gonna require from you 5 moves.
  1. Turn on your VirtualDub
  2. Go to tab File>Open Video File you will have there to show screenshot folder from CoD
  3. In your screenshot folder you will notice a lot of tga files that are our frames which we are going to convert into a footage
    choose the very first frame of our collection and press Open
  4. Once you done that lets change the framerate of our tga sequence so it fits the framerate at which we recorded them to do that go to Video>Frame Rate click on the circle on the left from
    Change frame rate to (fps)
    then type in the gap on the right framerate on which we did record our frames 300
  5. Once you done that Go to File>Save as avi and specify the localization where you want to save your footage.
    Now your tga frames gonna be converted into a clip in avi format, addition this may take couple of gb's of your space in hdd same as recorded tga frames so make sure you got it enough!
    It's going to take a while depends how long did you record your tga frames and what framerate did you choice [Lower framerate,lower size of footage] also resolution plays there crucial role I did record my frames at 1280x720 standart HD res if you will go above it the convertion time may be longer and size of your footage and frames aswell! keep it on mind overall im not recomending going over 720p i saw some movies recorded and rendered at full hd, having worse quality than standart HD.

    Step 5 :

    Now its time to prepare your raw recorded footage to edit it Im personally using sony vegas 8 and a lot of proper editors uses it aswell Im not a big fan of adobe premiere studio in my opinion nothing can beat vegas velocity so lets get started
    You will start from Importing your video to vegas to do that follow path under

    Media gonna pop in the list on your right its first in the list I believe then you will get small window like in screenshot under go to place where you did save your converted footage and hit open
    Now your footage is imported you have to drag it into timeline your footage is in Project media tab
    That's screenshoot where it is
    Now drag it in timeline simply go to project media tab choose your footage click on it and hold while draging.
    as you can see in preview window (top right corner) it isn't sharpy its blured thats not what we want you can simply fix that by clicking right mouse button in time line on your footage and going to Propeties.
    Then Click on the circle on the left from
    Disable Resemplace
    It will remove all the blury and make footage sharpen and do the same with square on the left of
    Maintain aspect radio
    to avoid some resolution bugs while making final render.bujarlubiwdupe_1438618402.png
    This is how it should look and then simply hit ok button.And that's all about it your footage is now ready to editing you can add some velocities effects etc etc to make it look how you want Also forgot to remind that after step 4 you can delete all the tga files I will include in the end of tutorial small tool to remove all tga files all you need to do with it is place it in Call of duty screenshot folder and double click it,it will remove all the tga files.

    Well that's everything in this tutorial I hope you guys enjoyed it and in the first place i would like to sorry for my gorilla english :P im not perfect english speaker if you have any question feel free to leave them in comment section below.
    TGA remover

    Peace NiKZAA!

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Created: 4 years ago by NiKZAA v2

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And I was trying to understand how cl_avidemo works... Rly thanks for sharing dis :>
Commented by BEERemos  (Aug 03rd, 2015 08:02 PM)

Very Nice Tutorial! Love it Keep making tutorials about Fragmovies ;)
Commented by Gabriel:3  (Aug 03rd, 2015 08:07 PM)

ahm.. i am on a problem. Cl_avidemo works like commands that are not valid on a demo (just like pressing +scores, fire, etc) and it just opens main menu
I first tried toggling but didn't work then switched to two different buttons.. still.
Commented by BEERemos  (Aug 03rd, 2015 08:18 PM)

Make the toggle bind in a F key, I got it on F10, for example.
Commented by Chu$kY  (Aug 03rd, 2015 08:21 PM)

Beeremos try to do /devmap mp_harbor before it connect to the home server then disconnect from ur server and open up demo once again and it should work,forgot to include this in tutorial im not anymore in cod1 mm meta so i forgot some stuffs there.
Commented by NiKZAA v2  (Aug 04th, 2015 07:06 AM)

@Beeremos i now clearly understood ur post :D Ikr what you mean you have to bind it on one of F numbers f1 f2 f3 etc unless it will open up main menu.You can bind it on + - aswell
Commented by NiKZAA v2  (Aug 04th, 2015 07:16 AM)

I prefer to use a cvar unlocker rather than using the devmap LUL and ye chusky answered me already at this about F keys, ty anyway

The problem was that I am using a Toshiba laptop which by default replaces the original funtcions of the F1-F12 buttons with other (brightness +/-, etc). I fixed that by selecting to put the original F usage.
Commented by BEERemos  (Aug 04th, 2015 08:07 AM)

@beeremos you can turn off these function keys in bios also give me link in pm for cvar unlocker was looking for this but looks like cod1 cheats are dead in Internet :D
Commented by NiKZAA v2  (Aug 04th, 2015 08:10 AM)

That's an awful lot of steps to just record your clip lol.
Commented by ^w Y 6 | Ezkl  (Sep 13th, 2015 06:35 AM)

But it gives ch better quality and its worth the effort also it only looks like its a lot of steps bcs i tried to explain it for everybody once you get that method it comes down to 3 steps.
Commented by NiKZA[A]wcyd.  (Sep 13th, 2015 09:04 AM)

yeah but it's basically the same as recording with fraps (basically uncompressed) using timescale to slow it down so you get technically more frames per second while still recording at 30 or 60 fps.

The big difference between that and recording in h264 is the file size, if you want to edit raw footage it will drastically slow down your workflow since even a powerful computer won't be able to play it in real time without first pre-rendering it. You only lose some color dynamic and to be fair nobody notices the difference in games.

What you can do is make proxys, so that you're editing with encoded clips but when you export it exports with the data of the raw clips, this is common workflow in render heavy situations.

All in all I think directly recording in h264 is way more convienent and the difference of quality is so minimal that it doesn't justify all the time lost in editing with raw footage.
Commented by ^w Y 6 | Ezkl  (Sep 13th, 2015 02:58 PM)

(and use OBS for that)
Commented by ^w Y 6 | Ezkl  (Sep 13th, 2015 02:58 PM)

Idk can't tell bcs i never tried. Using raw footage from vdub doesn't really slow ur workflow,and recording in h264 doesn't buy me I mean why you should edit h264 footage when you need to render it back then to avi for edit it in aae unless ur using adobe premiere pro or doing everything in aae Im sticking with avidemo and in my particular case with startmovie bcz i edit now only csgo and I don't care really much about the speed of workflow bcs its already unworkable with my fucking potato Im rendering my intro scene which contains 169 frames for 2 hours already and im dying.And I have used proxys only for 3d compositing in aae since it makes the editing easier,also im not downscaling my recorded footage im using standart hd res to record 1280x720 so in my case the quality drop could be really big without setting high bitrate.
Commented by NiKZA[A]wcyd.  (Sep 13th, 2015 03:05 PM)

but its all up to personal preferences so thanks for showing ur way :)
Commented by NiKZA[A]wcyd.  (Sep 13th, 2015 03:06 PM)

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