How to set up CoDaM

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How to set up CoDaM

How to set up CoDaM with HamGoodies and PowerServer

Installing CoDaM on a Call of Duty 1 Gameserver

The CoDaM project (pronounced co-dam) provides a set of standard modules for managing a wide variety of game capabilities. For mod developers, CoDaM includes modules for such things as spawn-point management, team & weapon administration, game-type control and more; for server administrators, CoDaM provides as much freedom as possible for managing custom modules, it also
includes mod registration functionality and new command add-ons (via mods).

It is the most used mod in Call of Duty 1 and almost every server has it installed.

Let's get started!

Extract the following files/folders to your Call of Duty "main" directory:

  • codam
  • CoDaM.cfg
  • ___CoDaM__CoD1.1__.pk3
  • codam
  • CoDaM_HamGoodies.cfg
  • ___CoDaM_HamGoodies__CoD1.1__.pk3
  • CoDaM_PowerServer.cfg
  • ___CoDaM_PowerServer__.pk3

Now, in your "main" directory, go inside the codam folder and open up modlist.gsc and add the following:

// Example from Hammer's Goodies
[[ register ]]( "Hammer's Goodies", codam\HamGoodies::main ); [[ register ]]( "PowerServer", codam\psv_main::main, "powerserver" );

Last Step:

Now open your server's configuration file (mostly called dedicated.cfg
or myserver.cfg) and paste the following cvars at the bottom:
// Execute CoDaM Configuration Files
exec CoDaM.cfg
exec CoDaM_HamGoodies.cfg
exec CoDaM_PowerServer.cfg

set sv_mapRotation "gametype sd map mp_brecourt map mp_harbor map mp_depot map mp_carentan map mp_powcamp"

That's all! Wasn't that hard, right?

The following files are configuration files and you can modify them to your liking:
  • CoDaM.cfg
  • CoDaM_HamGoodies.cfg
  • CoDaM_PowerServer.cfg

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good job
Commented by ~Sl0n1u:>  (Aug 15th, 2016 05:45 PM)

I'd like to use CoDaM on CoD1 1.5. How do I do this?
Commented by / kwiN *  (Nov 09th, 2018 01:28 PM)

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